Friday, July 16, 2010

I love driving.

So far this year has felt like a blur to me. I have not been motivated to do anything or confident at anything. I stopped caring about school and I just sat in front of the computer when I came home from school. I didn't have a job or do anything after school - I had too much time on my hands. I would have schoolwork and study, but I would tell myself I'd do it later.. but then get into bed and remember I hadn't actually gone back to do it. Result? Fallen a little behind. I mean, I didn't fail (well, except for Biology) I just didn't try at home. Which I need to start.

I was also in desperate need of a job, as I am going to France for two weeks next holidays with school and I can't let my parents pay the whole $4900. Probably about a month and a few weeks ago, I printed out some resumes and forms and took them to different shops at Westfield. Last Thursday, I got a call from Target asking if I was interested in a job interview for the next day.. uh OF COURSE I WAS. So I went in on Friday morning and had the interview (thought I wasn't gonna get it) and then I got a call that afternoon saying that my "application has been successful".. RESULT. Then I had induction on Monday :) I get $10.43 an hour :D

Three months ago I turned sixteen. I finally went for my L's today. Passed with 100% :D

Point of this post? I think that getting a job has been my turning point. I was confident enough to go for my L's and I'm actually feeling a lot happier now. I also got a hair cut today.. I got heaps off - literally. If you look further back to that photo with my friends a few posts back, to the photo I'm about to post - I got a fair bit off. Mum now says that maybe it's the "new Emma" .. well, maybe it is.

xx Emma


  1. Wow!!!
    Congratulations! On BOTH! That's so awesome! All the best for your new job! That seems pretty good! And $10.43 and HOUR that's sooo good! I work at a fruit shop and only get $6.50 *tear* ha. You're hair looks nice too! :)Good luck with driving, I turned 16 in May and I haven't gotten around to getting my Ls! :/

  2. Congrats! What's the rules with the learner driving down south? Do you still have to do the 100 hours like here in QLD?
    Have fun in France! The best place we got to go to for school holidays were to the coast. :P
    Thanks for following my blog, I'll be sure to follow yours. :)

  3. Thanks, in NSW it's 120 hours :/
    Aww thankyou!