Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day Two: Nine things about yourself.

1. My full first name is Emma-Kate.
2. I'm 16.
3. I'm Australian.
4. I am going to France in 24 days! (for 2 weeks)
5. I am learning how to drive.
6. I'm not looking forward to my Year 11 exams I am to complete during the next 2 weeks.
7. I want to someday work in media - preferably teenage magazines.
8. I can't wait until I'm 18!
9. I need to spend less time on Tumblr.


  1. Can you sneak me onto your plane to France? I can hide in one of your bags, I'm not THAT fat!

    Oh yeah, I made a typo in my post - it's actually 30 degrees not 36. Gosh, I'd die if it was that hot!

  2. Woop Woop! France! :D
    Heehee, don't we all...


  3. Woah! Have an awesome time in France! :D I'm wanting to work in the media as well! Teen mags would be quite fun! x

  4. OMG France is sooo cool! Well, I haven't been there, but it LOOKS awesome!