Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Haul.

Now comes that time after Christmas and before the end of the year where I tell you what I received for Christmas this year.

Canvas with some of my France photos printed in it.. I already knew I was getting this though.


Speak Now, Camp Rock 2, Big Bang Theory S3.

Funny 'cause I've only watched The Big Bang Theory a few times, and my brother recorded some episodes on TV but my parents thought they were mine, hahaha.

My Grandma makes bags for all the girls on Dad's side every year and this year it's Paris themed.. it's usually ugly but this year it's actually quite cute.

Lip Smackers; Coca Cola, Coca Cola Vanilla, Sprite, Fanta, Grape Fanta, Strawberry Fanta.

I also got:
  • Chocolate
  • Movie tickets
  • iTunes voucher
  • Cozzies
  • Towel with my name on it
  • Stationary
  • Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater
  • Earphones
  • Hair brush
  • Avon Perfume
  • Bed sheets
  • Country Road bag
  • Handbag
  • 2011 diary
  • 12-month Dolly subscription from my Nan & Pa
  • Little random useless things from my Grandma & Grandpa
  • Nintendo DS game from my uncle... even though I don't have a DS - he gave all the kids a game
So yeah... was Santa good to the rest of you?


PS. I would love it if you would please read this post and comment below suggesting what I should do!


  1. Ooohh, I love the France canvas! You can keep that forever and look back at it. :)
    Wooo Camp Rock 2! I looovee the Big Bang Theory!
    OMG I love soda flavored lip smackers! Especially the orange Fanta. :D
    Sounds like you had a great Christmas! :)
    I'll read the post.