Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hey guys, sorry I haven't updated in a while..
It's finally school holidays!
An update..

Last Wednesday was my friend Astrid's Year 10 Formal. She looked amazing!

Caitlin, Astrid and me.
(you might've seen them in my France post)

Today I spent the day with my mum, brother and my one year old cousin!

(slobbery) kisses for Emma (:

If you haven't already, check out my post about France. I know it's long.. sorry!

Are you guys excited for Christmas? What are some things you'd like?
Oh hey, maybe I'll post my Christmas list in my next post? Unless you'd find that boring..

Also, tomorrow (Thursday 16th) my friend Arii is going to New Zealand for the holidays so for her last night in Australia for this year, a bunch of us are going to look at Christmas lights :D

xox Emma

PS. I decided on dying my hair.. it's been brown for about four weeks now.


  1. She is really really pretty! Her dress is gorgeous and her hair looked great! :)

    Yes, tell us your Christmas list! :)


  2. I love Astrid's dress! A friend of mine made a very similar looking one for her formal.
    I think what you should do with the Christmas list (to make it more cool/interesting) is write the list down on paper and then take a photo of it. Either way, I'd love to read it!