Saturday, February 12, 2011

Good old Target.

Sorry for the lack of posts, everyone.. I've had a bloggers block for a while now haha.. so I decided I'd post/rant about some things that happened to me today.

So if you already didn't know, I have a job at Target (in Australia). I'm out on the floor in different sections each shift just sorting and all that. Today I was in Footwear. Absolute hell! Some things I learnt from today..

1. Okay so I never have, but I will definitely never leave shoes lying in the middle of the floor after trying them on. Why? 'Cause clearing and having to find where massive piles of shoes belong is not a fun experience.
2. I really really dislike screaming children. Look kid, it's not okay for you to go off your fucking nut in the middle of Target. Or hey parents, can you please control your children or something? It would be much appreciated by employees like me so we don't have to hear it for five hours straight.
3. I didn't learn this today, I already knew this but I absolutely adore Target's high heels! I always have, as a younger teenager my friends and I would always go in there and just try them on (: I actually picked three pairs out for myself today hehe ;)

This post is probably really boring but I can't think of anything else to blog and I don't want to just leave this with nothing. If you have any ideas, anything you want to read, or anything you think will improve this blog, please tell me!


PS. I just realised that I will probably post on Monday or Tuesday as I have Year 12 muck-up photos on Monday and I'd love to tell you about it (:

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