Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 1 - Your best friend.

[I'm gonna do this here now because the separate page annoys me]
Dear you,
I hate that you are so far away, but I guess it’s better than not knowing you at all. You have always been there for me no matter what, and your texts never fail to brighten my day. You are one amazing person. I am so glad that the Jonas Brothers exist - otherwise I would not have the pleasure of knowing you. December babyyy♥
Love, me.
i’ll write one for my other friends too :)
dear wolf pack,
i love how much you make me laugh and i love our inside jokes. i love how we quote movies every day and they never get old to us.
“she doesn’t even go here” “talk to me again and i’ll kick your ass” “how dare you! she’s a nice lady” “highly unlikely” “funny fat guy fall” *ppsshhhhh* “so long, gay boys”
even though you constantly pay me out, i still love you
love, me.

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