Friday, July 23, 2010

The Price Of Beauty

[I finally thought of a post!]

So the other night Jessica Simpson's Price Of Beauty premiered on MTV (well, in Australia it did) and I put it on record and finally got around to watching it this morning.

Now when I first saw the ad for this, I thought that it was a really good thing that she was doing: travelling to different countries to discover what their meaning of beauty is.

When most people think of beauty, they would often think tan, skinny etc. In the first episode, they travelled to Thailand. If they are tan, they are looked down on. We spend money on fake tans and make-up to make us appear tan. They spend money on looking pale. One woman used it and one layer of her skin came off - she thought it had worked and she was now pale - but she stepped into the sun and it burned her. It was quite sad to hear her story.

She then went to another part of Thailand and met women with rings around their necks. They are so heavy and are so bad for their ribs. Why do they wear them? It shows them as beautiful and wealthy and it attracts a great husband.

The prices we pay to look beautiful..

What is your definition of beauty?

xx Emma

PS. Abby suggested I make a post about myself - I'll do that tonight :)


  1. i'm chinese biologically and tho i'm raised by a canadian/western culture, i STILL want to be whiter whiter whiter and i don't know why when i'm surrounded by girls who'd kill for my tan

    i HATE how i tan during the summer!

    i wish i was as pale as snow.

  2. oh and i watched 2 eps of Jessica's show then got bored.

    but it's not bad :D