Saturday, September 25, 2010

Au revoir!

Tomorrow is the day. I'm going to France! I made a new banner for the occasion.. although the quality is now horrible.. it's not the best but y'know.. I tried, okay! ;)

I thought I'd maybe tell you about my trip - tell you where I'm going. You may not care, but I'll tell you anyway :)

Day 1 - Sunday 26th September.
Depart Sydney at 15.25
Arrive in Bangkok at 21.55

Day 2 - Monday 27th.
Depart Bangkok 00.55
Arrive in Paris at 7.05
Board coach (by 8am/8.30am) & head immediately to the Somme.
Arrive in Villers Bretonneux by 10am. Tour the Australian Museum.
After lunch by 2pm, stop in Le Hamel where you tou the Australian Memorial Park. Arrive in Albert and enjoy a tour of the Museum Somme 1916. Transfer to hostel.

Day 3 - Tuesday 28th.
Transfer to Giverny. Explore Monet's House and gardens.
By 2pm, continue on to Rouen. Explore the city and see places often painted by Monet. Transfer to hostel in Normandy.

Day 4 - Wednesday 29th.
Transfer to Bayeux. Visit the Museum of the Tapestry of Queen Mathilde.
Visit the US cemetry in Colleville sur Mer. Then stop in Arromanches.
(My teacher also said she's taking us to see the beach)

Day 5 - Thursday 30th.
Depart to St Malo. Arrive at the Mont St Michel.
Arrive in St Malo mid-afternoon and exlpore the town.

Day 6 - Friday 1st October.
Depart St Malo and head to the Loire Valley.
Visit the Château of Chenonceau. Transfer to Loches.

Day 7 - Saturday 2nd.
Tour the markets of Loches. Explore Loches.

Day 8 - Sunday 3rd.
Transfer to Amboise. Visit the royal Château of Amboise. Stroll in Amboise's streets.
Visit the Manoir du Clos Lucé (home and museum of Leonardo da Vinci)
Depart Amboise and transfer to hostel in Paris.

Day 9 - Monday 4th.

Day 10 - Tuesday 5th.
Discover Ile de la Cite on foot, explore the streets of Paris. Visit the Notre Dame cathedral.
Walk the Champs Elysées Avenue. Climb the Arc de Triomphe. Travel up to Montmartre. Visit the Basilica Sacré Coeur. Explore the district. Descending the hillside, you can stop to photograph the Moulin Rouge.

Day 11 - Wednesday 6th.
Make your way to Versailles by RER. Spend the day exploring.

Day 12 - Thursday 7th.
Visit the Catacombs.
Tour the Musée du Louvre.

Day 13 - Friday 8th.
Tour the Musée d'Orsay.
Climb the Eiffel Tower (!!!)

Day 14 - Saturday 9th.
Parc Astérix :)

Day 15 - Sunday 10th.
Depart Paris 13.40

Day 16 - Monday 11th. (my first day of Year 12)
Arrive Bangkok
Depart Bangkok at 7:55
Arrive Sydney at approx. 21.00

Typing this has made me realise that this trip is going to go so fast! :(
But anyway, sorry that it was so long - thank you if you stuck it out this long!
(If you hadn't noticed, I was going off my itinerary.. and trying to shorten it too!)

I'm taking Mum's iPod touch with me, since there is free wifi at our hostel in Paris :)
I'm not sure if I'll blog though.. because I want to save it all for when I'm back!
Anyway, just make sure you're following me on Twitter because I will most likely update a lot there. If you don't have a Twitter account, you can always just check back there ;)

Anyway, this is probably really long by now - I'm sorry.
Au revoir mes chéries, je vais vous parler plus tard!

Emma xoxo


  1. Honestly, j'adore your new header. Also, why didn't you sneak me into your luggage?! I want to go to France too!

  2. Yeah love the new header! :)
    Gosh it may be fast but you will have a loootttt of fun! Can't wait to hear all about it!