Friday, September 17, 2010

Hospitals aren't my favourite place.

I did quite a lot today :)

First, Mum and I went to Westfield to go shopping. Since I'm starting Year 12 next term, I needed a new school bag. A few weeks ago I went and bought myself a yellow folder and today I bought myself a bag :)

Bag, Ripcurl, $69.99
Folder, Newsagent, about $6

Then Mum bought me this bag (in a different pattern) for me to use while I'm in France. (9 days!)
Then I went and tried on these jeans. I was so excited because they look amazing and yes, I was willing to pay $50 for them. I tried them on... and was disappointed. I tried the Medium because the Small looked way too small, and they were still too big. I expected them to be tight on my legs, but they weren't. But I guess that's $50 more I can take to France ;D
Mum and I then went into Target and were there for a while, only to go to Big W where we spent a whole lotta time. I got supplies for France such as hand sanitizer, socks, a mini toothpaste, deodorant, a book for the plane (Looking for Alibrandi - I'm gonna get another book too), a watch and I bought myself Coke and Fanta Lip Smackers! I've seen these soft drink flavoured ones on Tumblr and I went to the Lip Smackers website and was crushed to see they didn't have a Coke one. While in Big W I turned around and saw them and I knew I had to get them!

Lip Smackers, Big W, $3.39 each

They smell so yummy!! They smell exactly like the drink does. The taste? Not so much.. but that's expected. Now I've got my eye on the Skittles range.. coz I looove Skittles!

After we finally finished up there we had Subway for lunch :)

My Pa (Mum's dad) is in hopsital at the moment so we went to go visit him. I had driven from home to Westfield to the hospital so I had about 50 mins of driving done :) You probably don't know me that well, but I hate all things medical. I have known that I will never ever become a doctor or nurse. I can handle the sight and thought of blood, but other parts of the body I just go all ~funny~ about. As you all probably know, hospitals have a strange smell. I've been to a hospital many times and that doesn't really effect me. It was so so hot in my Pa's room, and I think that was the main reason I nearly fainted. We were in there for about 10 minutess and I just tuned out of the conversation. This feeling is going to be hard to explain, but I'll try. Y'know when you're lying in bed and you get up really quickly, and your eyes go all weird? That happened to me. My ears also went weird - everything started becoming quieter. I've never fainted before, but people have said that's what happens before you do. It always happens to me after I get a needle. When my younger brother came home from school today, he said he had a needle (which he didn't know was gonna happen).. and he got that done about the same time I felt sick.. so weird. I would be freakier if we were twins haha.

My nan made me sit down and she went and got me a wet washer and a cup of water :) I started to see and hear better when I realised I was clammy - I didn't realise it was so hot in there. We then left the hospital but Mum drove home coz she was worried about me, haha. So we came home, then went back up the street to drop my watch somewhere to get some links taken off and got some more little things for me to take away.

Oh and I also got Mum to get me a pack of Crunchie Rocks because I l-o-v-e them..... yes, I ate them all myself..

Sorry for boring you, and if you actually read all of this - I love you a lot.

xoxo Emma.

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