Thursday, September 16, 2010

Catching up.

Hey guys!
Sorry for the lack of posting, I've had exams.
I had my last one today and I no longer have to think of Biology ever again!
It's weird to think that when I go back to school next term I'll be in Year 12...!

So for Year 12 I'm picking up a TAFE course (sorry for those who aren't Australian 'cause you probably won't know what the hell I'm talking about) and it's OTEN, which means I do it outside of school online... it's Media Journalism! :D
It sounds pretty cool.. plus it'll give me a portfolio for uni so yeah, pretty happy about that.

Oh & I found this blog today and I already love it. It's kind of inspired me to kind of make my blog a bit more about fashion/music etc.. I don't know, we'll see how it goes. I mean I know nothing about fashion as of now, but hey, a girl can learn, right? I think a main reason I love those type of blogs is due to the quality of the photos. I'm a sucker for SLR quality!

Speaking of SLRs, I'm taking my Dad's Canon EOS 1000D with me to France! Seriously, I'm not going all the way out to France to take crap quality photos ;) Mum and Dad were gonna buy me my own because Dad's seems too bulky to take, but they're quite expensive (for us, anyway) and now that I'm doing this TAFE course, Mum says that they'll have to get me a laptop because I need a PC for the course (and I currently have a Mac).. so Dad's camera it is (no complaints!) Anyway, after I get back from France I'll hopefully get a lot of shifts at work so I can save for one ;)

Sorry, this is probably boring you so bad, but I just thought I'd tell you a bit about what's happening :)

xoxo Emma

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