Saturday, March 12, 2011

Year 12.

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I've never been one to stress about school - I am actually quite laid-back and lazy.

This past week I had my English speech due, my TAFE assignment due and my Modern History assessment. I started and finished my speech on Sunday, ready to hand in the script on Monday. Spent Tuesday afternoon/night starting and finishing my TAFE assignment ready to mail in on Wednesday. I had my in class Modern assessment on Thursday and we had the question and everything.. I started preparing Wednesday night and Thursday morning in my double free. Then I presented my speech on Thursday too.

I was only a bit stressed about the Modern one - 'cause I knew nothing and don't know if I answered the question right. I was going so good this term, but I lost it this week.. everything came around so quickly!

Ugh, so yeah there you go - that's why I haven't made a quality post in a while.. yeah, school actually got in my way of things for once.


PS. Last Saturday night I saw I Am Number Four.. Alex Pettyfer is so damn hot!


  1. School has been really stressful for me too! But, we only have one more week until Spring Break, thank goodness. :)
    OMG, yes, that movie is AWESOME! I seen it w/ my boyfriend...don't tell him I said this..but I think that guy is quite effing hot myself. ;)

    Have a great weekend!


  2. Good luck with school, you'll be fine!