Friday, July 1, 2011

Miley Cyrus' Gypsy Heart Tour !!!!!

I went with Tyler, her sister Darcee and her friend Amy. We took the train in and I nearly missed it - great start Emma :/

After 40 mins we changed at Redfern, then changed at Lidcombe where we got lost cause we didn’t know where the Olympic Sprint line was. We went through the ticket things, which took our tickets and didn’t give them back, only for us to have to turn back around :| When we got to Olympic Park, we needed our tickets! For fucks sake….. but they let us through after we told them our story haha but the lady wasn’t impressed.. the man let us through anyway.

Headed to Maccas for dinner but stopped by the Subway line and saw Jess and Emily for a few minutes :D

I had previously looked online on the Ticketek map and knew we were up the top, even though we got pre-sale Gold tickets :| but I was determined to still stand and dance the whole time.

There were so many kids there! I did feel sorry for them as they were expecting Hannah Montana, but really the parents are idiots as it did not state anywhere that she was Hannah Montana.

All in all, I had the most amazing time. Miley is an amazing performer and one of my top 5 artists of all time so seeing her live has made me so incredibly happy! I danced and screamed and sang along to every song, losing most of my voice in the end. But that’s what I absolutely love about concerts, just letting go no matter how horrible I sound or how high-pitched my squeal is.

I found her setlist on Wikipedia so I had been listening to those for 2 days straight, but she changed it up a bit by singing Stay, which I fucking loved as it is one of my favourites (well who am I kidding I love like every song) but you get what I mean. She also sang Driveway which was nice as it’s an oldie and I hadn’t heard it in a while :)

I was excited for Party In The USA and Can’t Be Tamed cos they’re heaps good dance songs, esp Can’t Be Tamed, so when that came on I WENT FUCKING WILD. I started screaming like a massive weirdo and even Tyler was surprised hahaha :|

I loved when she sang My Heart Beats For Love - (in the last photo) she sat on the stage and started swaying with her mum and a few others and making love hearts with her hands with them and vise versa, it was soo cute!

Afterwards we met back up with Jess and Emily to take a photo :D

Half way through the concert my voice was half gone so by the end it was 90% gone haha, love it!

I was gonna get a program but I didn’t in the end :/ But my friends went on Monday so Alyce got one for me :D

Did any of you guys see Miley live? What did you think?

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  1. I love letting go during concerts too!

    You guys look gorgeous.

    Miley is not one of my fave artists but she can sing and perform well, and that's all that matters :D Her concert looks like it rocked.