Sunday, June 5, 2011

The first 18ths of many to come.




I've been eyeing these boots off at work for months now, and they went on sale at 30% off. Last weekend I finally had a Saturday off work so while I was at Westfield for my friend's birthday lunch I went and bought these babies! Combat boots are so practical.. I know I'm going to be wearing them everywhere :)

Also while I was there I went and bought this skirt! It was 30% off too. I've been wanting to buy a new one for ages because I'm sick of the grey Supre one I seem to wear everywhere. Plus I wanted a new skirt to wear to Miley Cyrus in a few weeks time :D I was set to look in Cotton On because I love the clothes there and always see that they have nice skirts. I was going to go with a plain black one until I found this one hidden up the back (it's textured if you can't tell)

My friend's 18th was organised last minute so I could finally wear this stuff! I also wore my boots the night before at another one of my friend's youth group with black jeans, a long top and leather jacket :)


  1. You are so gorgeous! And yesss combat boots are rly rly versatile heheh. Have fun at Miley Cyrus's concert? I didn't even know she was touring lol :D

    I gave you an award (: Hope you can receive it?


  2. Hey lovely! would just thought i'd say thank you very much for following me! it's early days on here for me so thank you!
    if you'd care to spread the word about my blog that would be amazing? x