Friday, June 3, 2011

Sometimes change can feel wonderful.

I've always been the shy, quiet girl. Always, since I was little. I'm just so awkward and.. yeah, y'know the drill. I also kind of consider myself as a wallflower (more like meaning #2, except I don't really have a "social disease" .. even #4)

When I first started at my job, I was super shy. I knew everyone's full names and everything, but whenever a word was spoken to me I'd end up laughing awkwardly then end up kicking myself later because I would think of something to say after the moment had passed. But as the weeks passed and I was growing away from the "new girl" image, the girls began to talk to me more. This obviously makes me feel more relaxed and I've started talking more too.. I've gained a bit of confidence I guess you could say.

Last night my friend Kirra invited me to her youth group, as it was bring a friend week. Being the timid person I am, especially around new people, I was obviously nervous. (There were two girls there I kind of know though - one I used to do dancing with, another was at my friend's birthday dinner in like December 2009 and I have them on Facebook and stuff) I surprised myself as not being too shy. I obviously didn't want to be Kirra's-quiet-friend-who-followed-her-around-without-speaking-a-word and I'm pretty sure I wasn't. So being the quiet one I tend to be, I obviously am worse around guys. I don't really know what it is.. I just have never been close to a guy before or hardly friends with them (I'm getting better though!). I surprised myself last night as I was talking to guys at youth who I didn't even know without being embarrassed and all that crap. So I actually ended up having a good time :D

I don't know, I'm just proud of myself.. I'm hoping this means I'm growing out of my shy-ness - obviously not completely.. but a lot :)


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  1. I can so relate. My exchange is definitely helping me as I meet new people constantly. I still haven't perfected the art of meeting new people but I'm definitley getting there!

    We are NOT destined to be wallflowers.